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J & J's Dilemma: Marketing New Drugs Without Cannibalizing Its Lead Product

Last Updated Feb 25, 2010 12:48 AM EST

Remicade (infliximab), a biologic drug for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, remains the top growth driver for Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). Positioning two new biological entrants approved in 2009 for similar commercial successes will be challenging, and require branding strategies that avoid cannibalizing sales of its flagship drug.

Remicade is in a class of biologics that inhibit circulating inflammatory proteins, called tumor necrosis factor (TNF). In total, Remicade is approved for 15 immune-mediated inflammatory conditions in the U.S. alone, including recent approvals for pediatric Crohn's, chronic severe plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. It contributes 19 percent to total pharmaceutical product revenues.

Despite increased competition -- expanded (labeling) indications from other TNF blockers and the launch of new disease-modifying agents -- Remicade sales increased 14.8 percent to $4.3 billion in 2009, with growth driven by new clinical data, expanded labeling, and overall market growth (actual gains adjusted for price hikes is unknown).

J&J subsidiary Centocor Ortho Biotech won approval from the FDA in April 2009 to market its second anti-TNF drug Simponi (golimumab) for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. A multiple approval launch is a first among TNF blockers, which all had follow-on, gradual labeling strategies.

Simponi is the fourth TNF inhibitor to reach the market, with efficacy and safety in line with the other anti-TNFs. The one major differentiating factor is administration, as trained patients may self-inject just once monthly. Surveyed doctors said -- at least initially -- they planned to limit prescription starts to anti-TNF treatment failures, although price would not be a limiting factor: Average wholesale cost (as of 9/09) for Simponi was $1,890 per month, compared to about $1,980 and $1,904 per month for Amgen's Enbrel (etanercept) and Abbott's Humira (adalimumab).

Simponi is unlikely to threaten the Remicade brand. Given its labeling, JNJ will initially market Simponi in subgroups of patients with multiple conditions -- over time up to 30 percent of patients with psoriasis develop arthritis. Longer-term, successful switching strategies will need to demonstrate cost-effectiveness and superior efficacy -- as shown in head-to-head trials -- against other ant-TNFs.

Specialists and primary care providers agree slowing the progression of structural damage (such as joint damage) and improving physical function -- signs and symptoms -- are key goals in the treatment of RA. Word on the street is that rheumatologists have been slow to embrace Simponi, believing that "neither Simponi nor any other RA biologic have the same effect as Enbrel in inhibiting/slowing structural damage progression." JNJ obviously needs to do a better job in communicating that Simponi has demonstrated efficacy, as witnessed in RA patients who were previously treated with other ant-TNF agents, including Enbrel.

In contrast, dermatologists seem eager to try Stelara (ustekinumab), recently launched for the treatment of adult patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Although Stelara is entering a crowded treatment room for psoriasis, this first-in-class interleukin (IL) offers significant advantages over TNF inhibitors, including superior efficacy (ACCEPT Trial) and a convenient 12-week dosing cycle.

In the psoriasis markets, Remicade is not the competition. Decision Resources, in a Treatment Algorithms in Psoriasis report, opines that Stelara will change the prescribing habits of dermatologists and help to grow the entire market for systemic biologic agents. Humira has the most to lose among the dermatologists polled in the survey, as most of them indicated that Stelara prescriptions would replace Humira as their preferred second-line systemic biologic agent (after Enbrel).

As patients cycle through anti-TNF therapies and the failure pools increase, there is ample room for Simponi and Stelara to grow prescription share in their respective markets without cannibalizing Remicade sales. As the two drugs expand their labeling to address unmet needs in other markets, their orbits will eventually collide with each other and with Remicade. In fact, (in my opinion) by 2018 both drugs will challenge Remicade's position as a preferred psoriasis medicines agent in immune-mediated inflammatory conditions, from RA to Crohn's and ulcerative colitis, due to their more convenient dosing schedules and established efficacy -- the same year, of course, Remicade loses patent protection.

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Open Season For Tech Bloggers - Find Out Why

You can find running a blog everywhere in today's world. No matter where you look, it seems as though there is a blog of some type. A successful blog doesn't happen quickly or without work. Use the advice provided below to improve every aspect of your blog.

Blog frequently. One of the most common mistakes of bloggers is starting a blog and updating it infrequently. Readers whose interest is gained at first will become bored waiting for continuations or updated articles. You need to post at least once a week, and use a service, like Feedburner, to allow your readers to receive email notification of your new post.

When you make your blog, think about buying a domain name instead of putting your blog on a free site. Acquiring a domain name is inexpensive and will ensure a professional appearance. Domain names, especially when they include the actual names of businesses, are generally easier for folks to remember.

Don't make blog posting your whole life. Everyone needs a break at times. If you overdo it, you may actually burn out from the demands of your blog. Fit normal things like taking walks or visiting friends into your day. By getting away, you homeopathy treatment for low thyroid will be able to come back and produce something great.

Keep your blog posts short and direct. Although you should give readers the details they are looking for, too much information can bore them. Blog readers do not want a post written in a Shakespeare manner, with unnecessary details. In other words, focus on the meat of the post, not the garnish.

Writing A Blog has taken the online world by storm! No matter the purpose of a blog, it only succeeds when the right audience actually reads it. Put the advice of this article to work for you and build your own highly interesting and successful blog that will suit your purposes and reach the people you want to speak with.

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Conception Using The Ericcson Method

I Attempted To Get Pregnant For YearsMy Infertility Cannot Be Cured. The objective of the reversal procedure is always to restore Top IVF clinic in Mumbai the health of your sperm and your fertility. As the name suggests, it is caused through the invasion of the hair follicle by Malassezia yeasts. It is starting being considered as certainly one of one of the most attractive locations for medical tourism.

The biggest causes of great interest on this field lie in its potential to offer a cure to a lot of diseases and ailments that afflict millions over the globe. It is assumed that a persons body speeds up ovulation as the biological clock starts rapidly ticking faster. " Just this year, the former couple have focused their latest work around the motif of family. The reproduction of Malassezia is asexual with unipolar budding, the daughter cells being formed successively in a single locus, leaving a prominent scar on the mother cell. This resulted in their first appearance on public television in late September of 201.

Acupuncture is not simply an native medical treatment for infertility it can be a holistic natural treatment that may be used on its very own to assist couples in attaining pregnancy, to address infertility issues, or be found in conjunction with good tech infertility treatments. "Experiencing multiple miscarriages and failed IVF cycles is devastating to patients, both emotionally, physically, and financially. Pityrosporum folliculitis has a tendency to happen again treatment has to be two-pronged. This led to their first appearance on public television in late September of 201.

Above we have got a examine a number of the negative and positive factors associated using the two main kinds of infertility treatment a couple may must undertake in order to aid the conceive. She now associates her anxiety about being sick with pain and trauma. Do you believe Dolce's apology was sincere? Comment your thinking below and please subscribe to my author page!.

estradiol levels always rise despite coasting. At 45, Jennifer was aware that she needed assist with her pregnancy. They could cost from one hundred bucks upwards for each shot.

According to the insider, Aniston had her eggs frozen and started getting IVF treatments about six months after she started dating fiance Justin Theroux (in 2012). It is considered that a person's body speeds up ovulation as the biological clock starts rapidly ticking faster. Diaz said she is happy being child free at 41 and said she doesn't envy her friends who have kids. With a team of 11 nationally and internationally recognized reproductive physicians who treat 1000s of patients each year, the practice has earned a reputation for overcoming hard-to-solve fertility issues offering. This led to their first appearance on public television in late September of 201.

Christian groups and other people are questioning the ethics of designer babies with enhanced appearance and abilities, and freedom from genetic disorders. com http://www. . How to Shrink Fibroids with Diet.

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - InfoBarrel Images

Recently many patients with kidney cysts 2cm are asking the things they should do to their cysts and how to prevent the further growth of these cysts. Many will even have a tad an excessive amount of hair on face and body, also as acne. .

From this informative article you may involve some knowledge about how you can prevent kidney cysts in daily life. Due towards the increase of toxic substances attributable for the majority stuff you take advantage of on a daily basis, the cleanliness in the space around could happen to be seriously touched. For more info on nutrition and wellness please visit our Chicago physical therapy clinics website and click through to our blog.

First Pregnancy Although the cause PCOD treatment just isn't known, first time pregnancies carry an increased chance of preeclampsia than subsequent pregnancies. Remember that PCOS can be a condition with multifactorial inheritance, meaning, both genetics and environmental factors such as diet and workout impact upon it. Remember that PCOS is really a condition with multifactorial inheritance, meaning, both genetics and environmental factors such as diet and exercise impact upon it. Jean Combalbert, CEO. A great plan to follow along with is Weight Watchers, because they base their meals around the Glycemic index principal.

Discuss change in lifestyle together with your daughter, letting her know that weight loss, exercise and low-carb eating tend to be enough to regulate hormonal balance and fertility. As with our steamers, the Unilux 3000 Professional Commercial Steamer is unique for the main reason that it can be used in conjunction with several other of our products as a completely non-chemical bed bug treatment. Firstly, blood glucose becomes elevated which in turn increases insulin levels. Just to induct cleaners, the principle task is always to avoid this air cooling system from collecting toxic black dirt. The love she feels for her baby is indeed overwhelming that her emetophobic fear will not really cross her mind.

If you compare brands in order to find one of the most trusted HGH enhancers available, you will be able to savor improved health and vitality without suffering from any serious side outcomes of HGH. But here I want to remind you that for anyone relatively small cysts, such as 2cm cysts, I strongly recommend MCO so concerning eliminate these cysts and prevent their growth. If you're interested in something, consult us so we could help you.

Celebrities With Cancer -

There are fewer diagnoses more difficult than those that are already told they have cancer. You may go through confused, angry and helpless. Back then, it absolutely was considered a death sentence. However, you will find plenty of potential problems that lurk in the background that can victimize women anytime. On Tuesday, Fox News shared the video and just how it all went down.

(Patrick McMullan photo) . Oily fish should be consumed in moderation because they contain pollutants called PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and dioxins. This could be as a result of special compound called Indole-3-cardinol (I3C). For example you may request the help of the friendly neighbor to babysit while you go for the doctors appointment. Article Dashboard Authors.

The group has sold 200 million records worldwide, producing hits including Night Fever, Jive Talkin' and you Win Again. She had on a cowboy hat along with a mask at the concert. HemroidsCured. She had on a cowboy hat along with a mask at the concert. Like, when the client is actually experiencing liver pain due to drinking alcohol all of the time, then simply he or she goes to become instructed to quit drinking alcohol before beginning the pain medications.

Not having adequate amounts of certain elements and minerals inside our bodies sets happens for cancer, in accordance with Dr. This was her daughter, Brooke's, first concert she'd ever been to, and obviously Lambert made it someone to remember. Herbal Nutrition Supplements.

Dashboard. Buss drivers, mechanics, and stylists who regularly deal with cosmetics are exposed to chemicals which may Homeopathy treatment of Cancer Treatment be carcinogenic. Being conscious of the healthy ways of living too as various methods of treatment is always good for almost any individual.

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Medicine :: Medicus Global - The benefits Of Telemedicine

Keyword Search . There is a common misconception among buyers that probably the most expensive brand of psoriasis cream is the highest quality, which is definitely not true. Every athlete wants to do well and win the event. There can be a common misconception among buyers that probably the most expensive brand of psoriasis cream will be the highest quality, which is not necessarily true.

The progressive stage of psoriasis is commonly noted with the first appearance of psoriasis on the body of the person. It can be difficult to find quality products at a good price. Some treatments are similar, but for certain kinds of psoriasis, don't work. The law punishes them since someone has to be punished and justice has to be imposed to someone. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is well known being to blame behind the inflammation that occurs in Crohn's and psoriasis.

Usually, skin Psoriasis Treatment cells mature and shed after in regards to a month. It is among one of the most ancient and widely-used herbs within the world, yet it's also relatively un-heard of by people dependant upon today's modern medicine. Studies over days gone by many years have documented patient satisfaction for telehealth.

Pregnancy & Psoriasis: . Pat the area dry using a clean cloth after performing the technique. Your corporate and product news, consumer tips and information are packaged inside a variety of ready-to-use formats and so are made accessible to every Canadian media organization including weekly and daily newspapers, cable and commercial television stations, radio stations, as well as the Web sites Canadians visit most often. You can win, just have the information and acquire help - because suffering alone really sucks.

Cory Thiarello currently talking about different skin conditions and skin treatments. . com He Has Gathered Lots of Useful Articles About an Essential Oil Hemroids Cure as Well as a an Easy Method For Treating Hemorrhoids That You Simply Can Apply at Home Today.

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Exercise & Meditation :: A Newbie's Help Guide To Using Weighted Vest

Strengthen your feet. However, in the big event you are experiencing severe throbbing pain without running or with mild Lifeforce online physical activity, you might be experiencing shin splints (also known as medial tibial stress syndrome) due to moderate to severe trauma to the muscles or tendons of anterior or posterior compartment of leg. The robot marathon competition was scheduled to start out on February 24 in Osaka, western Japan. . Alexander Ciccolo arrested in U.

Are you concerned about the price? Do you believe that $200 is overpriced? If so, you should check out this website http://www. Hence the beer phenomenon! A massage a few days after the race will enable you to recover. If you would like to understand the latest and greatest as seen on TV sensation in exercise, just tune in to your regular scheduled programming during night time hours.

Get a coachFind somebody that you trust. Once you find some you like, check the blogs on their blogrolls. It was the last day for nates to buy in for $10,000 per seat.

This is likely to be Jordan's second marriage. Visit our site at realtyrealtorsandyou. Visit our site at realtyrealtorsandyou. Always wear right fitted and right sized shoes wearing too tight shoes or loose shoes while running, during sports activities increases the likelihood of shin splints. This article gives you an notion of such a weighted vest is, the things they are capable of doing for you, what workouts are improved by wearing one and what to take into account when selecting one.

Speed race for pigs. Try to get as few surprises as you possibly can on marathon day. com/ and realtyrealtorsandyou. The total quantity of entrants Monday hit about 8,725 -- so many that organizers were required to four starting days of about 2,200 players each. The secret lies not within the trainers that these guys have access to, but HOW they're training! That's what helps make the difference.

Want to learn more in regards to the as seen on tv exercise equipment? Visit David at Asseenontvproductsonline. So make sure you are optimally prepared with the marathon running tips above and combine these having a positive attitude. . The Perfect Marathon Pacing Formula.